I Am Elon Musk

(2015, video)

An experimental video I did together with Jonas Schumacher. We used it as an exercise for trying out new techniques and quickly moving forward in a project. It was made over the course of four days and features an original soundtrack by our friend Eric Lambrecht.

As some of my previous works it deals with public performance pressure. Being my most recent finished project I chose to put it first in my portfolio. The rest of it is in somewhat chronological order.

You can watch it here or on YouTube.


(2013, website)

A website about dark chocolate I created with my friends Jonas Schumacher and Peter Stendal just for fun. I wrote both the front end and back end, I designed the site and wrote most of the words. On the site we created the over the top pretentious persona of the "Edelbiter". It was a humorous project for us, but was taken quite seriously on many occasions.



(2012, video)

I created this clip for the first collegiate short movie festival at our college called "Flimmerfest 2012". I did it for a category called "Grenzfrequenz", in which the entries had a maximum length of 120 seconds. It was shot entierly in my kitchen and won the audience award.

You can watch it here or on Vimeo.

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

(2013, online game)

An online game I built as a design and programming exercise in my free time. I found the rules to the game online. It supports mobile devices and savegames. It is possible to start a game on one device and continue on another. I designed it to be as accessible and easy to use as possible.

It is still among the most popular online Tic Tac Toe games with over a thousand visitors each week.


40 Jahre erste Semester

(2013, video)

A video project I did together with Jonas Schumacher. It started as a completely open-ended project and resulted in this short video we submited to the "Campus Clip Contest" of the University of Oldenburg where it won the first prize. It features an original soundtrack by our friend Eric Lambrecht.

Influences for this project have been our experiences at the time as well as advertisements, music- and internetvideos.

Watch it here or on YouTube.

Stop Motion Works

(2014, video)

Stop Motion has always been of great interest for me. I shot my first Stop Motion videos at the age of 12. During my time at the Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design in 2013 and 2014 I took a course in Stop Motion video. These are two of the clips that I created in that class in groups of three.

You can watch Lemon Heads here or on YouTube.

You can watch Slaughtered Ox here or on YouTube.

Apocalypse Now

(2014, procedural video)

This is Francis Ford Coppolas movie sped up by a factor of 30 and rearranged according to the brightness of each frame. I made this for Avi Mograbis experimental video class at the Bezalel Academy Jerusalem. I wrote a Java program to generate this video from the source material. I was aiming to explore the edge between meaningfull and meaningless images and sound.

You can watch it here or on YouTube.

HAW Hamburg - Das Department Design

(2014, website, commissioned)

As part of a team of four people (two design students, two media sytems students) I completely rebuilt the internet presence of the design department of the HAW Hamburg. Although I was involved in every step of the process, my main responsibility was the implementation of the front end.

The site changes its colour over the course of a day and features a procedural animated FAQ section I built for the homepage.


Projekt Eureka SD

(2015, video, commissioned)

A commissioned video project I did together with my friend Jonas Schumacher. It contains some public domain footage, but is mostly composed of self-shot footage and footage that was send to us by friends from abroad. We also produced all the motion graphics and the cress timelapse at the end. The video features an original soundtrack that we made together with our friend Eric Lambrecht.

Watch it here or on YouTube.

StroboCop Prototype

(ongoing, software)

Too many DJs with too many screens? Get your party in shape and your screens in sync! StroboCop will use all your screens to display "light shows" of varying sophistication, but constant greatness.
Prime directive: party on, dudes.

StroboCop is a software that turns an arbitrary number of computer screens via WiFi into a varied lightshow that adapts to the beat of the music. I built this for our houseparty on New Year's Eve and it turned out to be a great success. I have big plans for developing this further.

You can watch a short demo video of the prototype in action here or on YouTube.

Portfolio by Yannick Rietz - Keine Kunst, 2015